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January 2014 : Rhodes University Science & Pharmacy Faculty Publications

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BIOCHEMISTRY, MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY : MAMBO,P. 2013.Simplicity - The key tosanitation sustainability. Water Wheel 12: 36-37 
BIOCHEMISTRY, MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY : HUNTER,MORGAN C., O’HAGAN, K.L., KENYON, A., DHANANI, K.C.H., PRINSLOO, E. & EDKINS, A.L. 2014.Hsp90 Binds Directly toFibronectin (FN) and Inhibition Reduces the Extracellular Fibronectin Matrix inBreast Cancer Cells. PLoS ONE 9: e86842 
BIOCHEMISTRY, MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY: KADYE,R., KRAMER, A.H., JOOS-VANDEWALLE, J., PARSONS, M., NJENGELE, Z., HOPPE, H. & PRINSLOO, E. 2014.Guardian of theFurnace: Mitochondria, TRAP1, ROS and stem cell maintenance. IUBMB life
BIOCHEMISTRY, MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY: KRAMER,ADAM H., JOOS-VANDEWALLE, J., EDKINS, A.L., FROST, C.L. & PRINSLOO, E.Real-time monitoring of 3T3-L1 preadipocytedifferentiation using a commercially available electric cell-substrateimpedance sensor system. Biochemical and biophysical research communications
BOTANY : RIPLEY, B.S., ABRAHAM, T., KLAK, C. & CRAMER, M.D. 2013.How succulentleaves of Aizoaceae avoid mesophyll conductance limitations of photosynthesisand survive drought. Journal of experimental botany 64: 5485-5496 
BOTANY : ROURKE, J.P., CLARK, V.R. & BARKER, N.P. 2013.Faurea recondita(Proteaceae): A new species from the Sneeuberg Centre of Endemism, SouthAfrica. South African Journal of Botany 87: 34-38 
CHEMISTRY : LIU, H., LU, H., XU, J., LIU, Z., LI, Z., MACK, J. & SHEN, Z. 2014.Boron-pyridyl-imino-isoindoline dyes: Facile synthesis and photophysicalproperties. Chemical Communications 50: 1074-1076 
CHEMISTRY : MARINGA, A., ANTUNES, E. & NYOKONG, T.Electrochemical behaviour of goldnanoparticles and Co tetraaminophthalocyanine on glassy carbon electrode. Electrochimica Acta
CHEMISTRY : SANUSI, K., ANTUNES, E. & NYOKONG, T. 2014.Optical nonlinearities innon-peripherally substituted pyridyloxy phthalocyanines: a combined effect ofsymmetry, ring-strain and demetallation. Dalton Transactions 43: 999-1010 
CHEMISTRY : YILMAZ, Y., MACK, J., SÖNMEZ, M. & NYKONG, T. 2013.Photophysicochemicalproperties and TD-DFT calculations of a novel terminal alkyne substituted metalfree phthalocyanine. Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines: 1-8 
CHEMISTRY: ADENIYI S., WALMSLEY, R.S., DU SAUTOY, C., TORTO, N. & TSHENTU, Z.R. 2013.Development of a Continuous Flow System for the Oxidative Desulfurizationof Refractory Organosulfur Compounds in Hydrotreated Diesel. Energy & Fuels 27: 7714-7723 
CHEMISTRY: AWOKOYA, K.N., BATLOKWA, B.S., MORONKOLA, B.A., CHIGOME, S., ONDIGO, D.A., TSHENTU, Z. & TORTO, N. 2013.Development of a Styrene Based MolecularlyImprinted Polymer and Its Molecular Recognition Properties of VanadylTetraphenylporphyrin in Organic Media. International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials 63: 107-113 
CHEMISTRY: BODILL, T., CONIBEAR, A.C., MUTORWA, M.K.M., GOBLE, J.L., BLATCH, G.L., LOBB, K.A., KLEIN, R. & KAYE, P.T. 2013.Exploring DOXP-reductoisomerase bindinglimits using phosphonated N-aryl and N-heteroarylcarboxamides as DXRinhibitors. Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 21: 4332-4341 
CHEMISTRY: IDOWU, M.A., ARSLANOGLU, Y. & NYOKONG, T. 2013.Spectral properties andphotophysical behaviour of water soluble cationic Mg(II) and Al(III)phthalocyanines. Central European Journal of Chemistry 12: 403-415 
CHEMISTRY: MACK, J., OTAKI, T., DURFEE, W.S., KOBAYASHI, N. & STILLMAN, M.J.MCDspectroscopy and TD-DFT calculations of low symmetry subnaphthalocyanineanalogues. Journal of inorganic biochemistry
CHEMISTRY: MASHAZI, P., VILAKAZI, S. & NYOKONG, T. 2013.Design and evaluation of anelectrochemical immunosensor for measles serodiagnosis using measles-specificImmunoglobulin G antibodies. Talanta 115: 694-701 
CHEMISTRY: NYOKONG, T. &ANTUNES, E. 2013.Influence of nanoparticle materials on thephotophysical behavior of phthalocyanines. Coordination Chemistry Reviews 257: 2401-2418 
COMPUTER SCIENCE: ... IRWIN, B. 2013.Automated classification of computer networkattacks.: 
COMPUTER SCIENCE: ... IRWIN, B....... 2013.Developing a virtualised testbedenvironment in preparation for testing of network based attacks.
HUMAN KINETICS & ERGONOMICS : CRYMBLE,T., VILJOEN, J. & CHRISTIE, C. 2013.Changes in morphology and strength following an eight week resistancetraining programme in post-menopausal, Caucasian women : a pilot investigation. Ergonomics SA : Journal of the Ergonomics Society of South Africa 25: 32-49 
HUMAN KINETICS & ERGONOMICS : HOPLEY,B. &MATTISON, M. 2013.The effects ofposture and cognitive information processing from different sensory modalitieson perceived musculoskeletal discomfort and work performance. Ergonomics SA : Journal of the Ergonomics Society of South Africa 25: 12-21 
ICHTHYOLOGY & FISHERIES RESEARCH : NAYLOR,MATTHEW AUBREY, KAISER, H. & JONES, C.L.W. 2014.The effect of free ammonia nitrogen, pH and supplementation withoxygen on the growth of South African abalone, Haliotis midae L. in an abaloneserial-use raceway with three passes. Aquaculture Research 45: 213-224 
ICHTHYOLOGY & FISHERIES SCIENCE : DE BEER,C.L. &POTTS, W.M. 2013.Behaviouralobservations of the common octopus Octopus vulgaris in Baía dos Tigres,southern Angola. African Journal of Marine Science 35: 579-583 
INSTITUTE FOR WATER RESEARCH: ROGERS,KEVIN H., LUTON, R., BIGGS, H., BIGGS, R.(., BLIGNAUT, S., CHOLES, A.G., PALMER, C.G. & TANGWE, P. 2013.FosteringComplexity Thinking in Action Research for Change in Social-Ecological Systems. Ecology and Society 18: 31 
MATHEMATICS: BISHOP, N.T. &REISSWIG, C. 2014.The gravitational wave strain in thecharacteristic formalism of numerical relativity. General Relativity and Gravitation 46: 1-13 
PHARMACY : YACOBI, A., SHAH, V.P., BASHAW, E.D., BENFELDT, E., DAVIT, B., GANES, D., GHOSH, T., KANFER, I., KASTING, G.B., KATZ, L., LIONBERGER, R., LU, G.W., MAIBACH, H.I., PERSHING, L.K., RACKLEY, R.J., RAW, A., SHUKLA, C.G., THAKKER, K., WAGNER, N., ZOVKO, E. & LANE, M.E. 2014.Current Challenges in Bioequivalence,Quality, and Novel Assessment Technologies for Topical Products. Pharmaceutical research: 1-10 
PHARMACY: MUELLER, A.C., SKINNER, M.F. & KANFER, I. 2013.Effect of the AfricanTraditional Medicine, Sutherlandia frutescens, on the Bioavailability of theAntiretroviral Protease Inhibitor, Atazanavir. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
PHYSICS & ELECTRONICS : .... OYEYEMI, E. ................... 2014.Ionospheric imaging in Africa. Radio Science 49
PHYSICS & ELECTRONICS : ..............BERNARDI,G........ 2014.Absolutely calibrated radio polarimetry of the inner Galaxy at 2.3 and 4.8 GHz. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 437: 2936-2947 
PHYSICS & ELECTRONICS : ....BERNARDI,G..... 2014.Discovery of carbon radiorecombination lines in absorption towards cygnus A. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 437: 3506-3515 
ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY : PUKER,A., AD'VINCULA, H.L., KORASAKI, V., FERREIRA, F.N.F. & OROZCO, J. 2014.Biodiversity of Cetoniinae beetles (Coleoptera:Scarabaeidae) in introduced and native habitats in the Brazilian AtlanticForest. Entomological Science
ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY: BARNES, R.S.K. 2013.Spatial stability of macrobenthicseagrass biodiversity. Marine Ecology Progress Series 493: 127-139 
ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY: MARSAC, F., BARLOW, R., TERNON, J.F., MÉNARD, F. & ROBERTS, M. 2013.Ecosystem functioning in the Mozambique Channel: Synthesis andfuture research. Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography
ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY: NAHON, S., RICHOUX, N.B., KOLASINSKI, J., DESMALADES, M., PAGES, C.F., LECELLIER, G., PLANES, S. & LECELLIER, V.B. 2013.Spatial andTemporal Variations in Stable Carbon (delta C-13) and Nitrogen (delta N-15)Isotopic Composition of Symbiotic Scleractinian Corals. Plos One 8: e81247 
ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY: PIO,DOROTHEA V., ENGLER, R., LINDER, H.P., MONADJEM, A., COTTERILL, F.P.D., TAYLOR, P.J., SCHOEMAN, M.C., PRICE, B.W., VILLET, M.H., EICK, G., SALAMIN, N. & GUISAN, A. 2014.Climate change effects on animaland plant phylogenetic diversity in southern Africa. Global Change Biology

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