Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Those who publish research behind paywalls are victims not perpetrators

Cartoon of an angel and devil on a man's shoulders
(acknowledgements to Guardian newspaper)

Mike Taylor's recent Guardian article on the ‘ímmorality’ of closed-access research has evoked a strong response from Chris Chambers in the same publication:

“…But we won't create this utopia by turning on each other, as Taylor does. We need to recognise that scientists are the victims of these incentives, not "immoral" perpetrators. We need to target policymakers and change future Research Excellence Frameworks to incentivise and mandate OA. And we need to pressure our local MPs and governments. Until we drive others to change the system from outside, it is futile to expect scientists to act like true believers, sacrificing their own livelihoods – and those of their protégés – on the altar of open access."

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