Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Deep impact: unintended consequences of journal rank

This recently-submitted article by 2 researchers from University of Regensburg and Bristol University offers some interesting insights and suggestions regarding the increasingly controversial topic of journal rankings.

"Much has been said about the increasing bureaucracy in science, stifling innovation, hampering the creativity of researchers and incentivizing misconduct, even outright fraud. Many anecdotes have been recounted, observations described and conclusions drawn about the negative impact of impact assessment on scientists and science. However, few of these accounts have drawn their conclusions from data, and those that have typically relied on a few studies. In this review, we present the most recent and pertinent data on the consequences that our current scholarly communication system has had on various measures of scientific quality (such as utility/citations, methodological soundness, expert ratings and retractions). These data confirm previous suspicions: using journal rank as an assessment tool is bad scientific practice. ......."

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