Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Final Thesis Submission to the Rhodes University Library

ALL print and electronic theses must be accompanied by the completed submission form.

The Thesis final submission form is to be completed by the candidate and his or her supervisor(s)

Theses (print & electronic) are submitted to the Registrar's Office as follows:
  • 1 unbound print copy (compulsory)
  • electronic version on CD or DVD (compulsory from 2009)
After the examination process has been completed, the candidate is required to submit one loose-leaf print copy and an electronic version of the final corrected thesis in PDF format for depositing in Rhodes University Digital Commons, together with the Final Thesis Submission Form signed by the candidate and supervisor to the Registrar’s Division. Candidates and supervisors who would like a digital holding period of between 1 and 2 years before deposit in the digital repository, or a full embargo on the print and e-versions of the thesis, must request this in the Final Thesis Submission Form.
  • File Format
    Electronic versions are submitted in PDF format, but are also accepted in HTML or Postscript formats. Supplementary material, such as images, sound files, video clips and data files, may be submitted in other formats. Electronic theses may be submitted as single files or split into several files. If multiple files are submitted, please include a table of file contents to indicate the sequence.
  • Candidates should check
    (1) that all the print & electronic copies submitted are full and final versions of their theses, i.e. the same as the final copy approved by the examiners;
    (2) the electronic copy and verify that it is identical in content to the corrected loose-leaf print copy;
    (3) the disk(s) for corruption.
  • Copyright
    Candidates should certify that, if appropriate, they have obtained and attached a written permission statement from the owner(s) of any third-party copyrighted material in the thesis, for example visual images. Candidates must undertake to be bound by Rule G 71 of the University’s General Rules for Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates:


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