Monday, August 25, 2014

New Scientist 23 August 2014 - selected articles

Dark matter in hit-and-run smash -  A giant clump of dark matter may have smashed into a nearby galaxy and punched a hole in its starry disc.

Interstellar dust comes through its first Earthly check-up -  Hide the dusters, these specks are worth preserving. Captured dust grains that flew into our solar system from between the stars are shedding light on the chemistry of the cosmos.

Africa's power surge  Turning on the lights in Africa may help to power up the rest of the world sustainably. New investments in mini grid systems aimed at bringing power to rural Africa and other remote areas may provide a test bed for the rural energy infrastructure of the future.

Meet the lodgers  (Cockroaches) Your house contains an entire ecosystem of organisms whose fate is in your hands, says evolutionary biologist Rob Dunn

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