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July 2014 : Rhodes University Science & Pharmacy Faculties - publications/conference papers, etc.

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BIOCHEMISTRY & MICROBIOLOGY : Moyo, F. et al., 2014. Sorption of Hydrophobic Organic Compounds on Natural Sorbents and Organoclays from Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Solutions: A Mini-Review. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 11(5), pp.5020–5048. Available at:

BOTANY : Ibraheem, O. et al., 2014. Rice sucrose transporter1 (OsSUT1) up-regulation in xylem parenchyma is caused by aphid feeding on rice leaf blade vascular bundles. Plant Biology (Stuttgart, Germany), 16(4), pp.783–791.

BOTANY : Martínez-Azorín, M. et al., 2014. Nicipe rosulata (Ornithogaloideae, Hyacinthaceae), a New Species from the Little Karoo in South Africa, with a New Combination in the Genus. Systematic Botany, 39(3), pp.785–790. Available at:

BOTANY : Peter, C.I. & Shuttleworth, A., 2014. Catching on to concatenation: evidence for pre-pollination intra-sexual selection in plants. New Phytologist, 203(1), pp.4–6. Available at: .

BOTANY : Wetschnig, W. et al., 2014. Massonia saniensis (Asparagaceae, Scilloideae), a new species from Lesotho, southern Africa. Phytotaxa, 173(3), pp.181–195. Available at:

CHEMISTRY : He, Q. et al., 2014. Effects of Redox Mediators on the Catalytic Activity of Iron Porphyrins towards Oxygen Reduction in Acidic Media. ChemElectroChem, p.n/a–n/a. Available at:

CHEMISTRY : Lakkakula, J.R. & Maçedo Krause, R.W., 2014. A vision for cyclodextrin nanoparticles in drug delivery systems and pharmaceutical applications. Nanomedicine (London, England), 9(6), pp.877–894.

CHEMISTRY : Lu, H. et al., 2014. Structural modification strategies for the rational design of red/NIR region BODIPYs. Chemical Society Reviews, 43(13), pp.4778–4823. Available at:

CHEMISTRY : Mpofu, S. et al., 2014. Interactive efficacies of Elephantorrhiza elephantina and Pentanisia prunelloides extracts and isolated compounds against gastrointestinal bacteria. South African Journal of Botany, 94, pp.224–230. Available at:

CHEMISTRY : Olomola, T.O. et al., Novel furocoumarins as potential HIV-1 integrase inhibitors. Bioorganic Chemistry. Available at:

CHEMISTRY : Olorundare, O.F. et al., 2014. Steam activation, characterisation and adsorption studies of activated carbon from maize tassels. Chemistry and Ecology, 30(5), pp.473–490.

COMPUTER SCIENCE : Irwin, B., 2013. A baseline study of potentially malicious activity across five network telescopes. In 2013 5th International Conference on Cyber Conflict (CyCon). 2013 5th International Conference on Cyber Conflict (CyCon). pp. 1–17.

COMPUTER SCIENCE : Machanick, P., 2014a. Some Implications of an Imaginary Speed of Dark.

         Machanick, P., 2014b. Teaching Without Technology. In  Proc. Southern African Computer Lecturers’ Association Conference, Port Elizabeth, June 2014, pp 20-23 . Available at:

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE : Gwedla, N. & Shackleton, C.M., 2015. The development visions and attitudes towards urban forestry of officials responsible for greening in South African towns. Land Use Policy, 42, pp.17–26. Available at:

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE : Moncrieff, G.R. et al., 2014. Contrasting architecture of key African and Australian savanna tree taxa drives intercontinental structural divergence. Global Ecology and Biogeography, p.n/a–n/a. Available at:

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE : Muller, C. & Shackleton, S.E., 2014. Perceptions of climate change and barriers to adaptation amongst commonage and commercial livestock farmers in the semi-arid Eastern Cape Karoo. African Journal of Range and Forage Science, 31(1), pp.1–12.

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE : Puttick, J.R., Hoffman, M.T. & Gambiza, J., 2014a. The impact of land use on woody plant cover and species composition on the Grahamstown municipal commonage: Implications for South Africa’s land reform programme. African Journal of Range and Forage Science, 31(2), pp.123–133.

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE : Puttick, J.R., Hoffman, M.T. & Gambiza, J., 2014b. The influence of South Africa’s post-apartheid land reform policies on bush encroachment and range condition: A case study of Fort Beaufort’s municipal commonage. African Journal of Range and Forage Science, 31(2), pp.135–145.

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE : Trefry, A., Parkins, J.R. & Cundill, G., 2014. Culture and food security: a case study of homestead food production in South Africa. Food Security, pp.1–11. Available at:

GEOLOGY : Götz, A.E. & Ruckwied, K., 2014. Palynological records of the Early Permian postglacial climate amelioration (Karoo Basin, South Africa). Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments, 94(2), pp.229–235. Available at:

ICHTHYOLOGY & FISHERIES SCIENCE : Henriques, R. et al., 2014. Population connectivity and phylogeography of a coastal fish, Atractoscion aequidens (Sciaenidae), across the Benguela Current region: Evidence of an ancient vicariant event. PLoS ONE, 9(2).

ICHTHYOLOGY & FISHERIES SCIENCE : Poisson, F. et al., 2014. Mortality rate of silky sharks (Carcharhinus falciformis) caught in the tropical tuna purse seine fishery in the Indian Ocean. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 71(6), pp.795–798. Available at:

ICHTHYOLOGY & FISHERIES SCIENCE : Rodhouse P. G.K, P.G., 2014. Environmental effects on cephalopod population dynamics: implications for management of fisheries. Advances in Marine Biology, 67, pp.99–23.

ICHTHYOLOGY & FISHERIES SCIENCE : Xavier, J.C. et al., 2014. Future challenges in cephalopod research.

ICHTHYOLOGY & FISHERIERS SCIENCE : Potts, W.M. et al., 2014. Ocean warming affects the distribution and abundance of resident fishes by changing their reproductive scope. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries, 24(2), pp.493–504. Available at:

ICHTHYOLOGY & FISHERIES SCIENCE :  : Potts, W.M. et al., 2014. Ocean warming, a rapid distributional shift, and the hybridization of a coastal fish species. Global Change Biology.

INSTITUTE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL BIOTECHNOLOGY  : Sekhohola, L.M., Isaacs, M.L. & Cowan, A.K., 0. Fungal colonization and enzyme-mediated metabolism of waste coal by Neosartorya fischeri strain ECCN 84. Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry, 0(0), pp.1–6. Available at:

INSTITUTE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL BIOTECHNOLOGY :  Psycha, M. et al., 2014. Design Analysis of Integrated Microalgae Biorefineries. In J. D. S. and G. P. T. Mario R. Eden, ed. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Foundations of Computer-Aided Process Design. Elsevier, pp. 591–596. Available at:

MATHEMATHICS : Minazzoli, O. & Hees, A., 2014. Late-time cosmology of scalar-tensor theories with universal multiplicative coupling between the scalar field and the matter Lagrangian. arXiv:1404.4266 [gr-qc]. Available at: .

MATHEMATICS : Barrett, D.I., Biggs, R. & Remsing, C.C., 2014. Affine Subspaces of the Lie Algebra se(1,1). European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 7(2), pp.140–155. Available at:

MATHEMATICS : Dennis I. Barrett, R.B., 2014. Optimal Control of Drift-Free Invariant Control Systems on the Group of Motions of the Minkowski Plane.

MATHEMATICS : Hees, A., Bertone, S. & Poncin-Lafitte, C.L., 2014. Light propagation in the field of a moving axisymmetric body: theory and application to Juno. arXiv:1406.6600 [astro-ph, physics:gr-qc]. Available at: .

MATHEMATICS : Hees, A., Minazzoli, O. & Larena, J., 2014. On a breaking of the equivalence principle in the electromagnetic sector and its cosmological signatures. Available at: .

MATHEMATICS : Rory Biggs, C.C.R., 2014. Control Systems on Three-Dimensional Lie Groups.

PHARMACY : Dowse, R., Barford, K. & Browne, S.H. Simple, illustrated medicines information improves ARV knowledge and patient self-efficacy in limited literacy South African HIV patients. AIDS Care, 0(0), pp.1–7. Available at:

PHARMACY : Moyo, F. et al., 2014a. Sorption of Hydrophobic Organic Compounds on Natural Sorbents and Organoclays from Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Solutions: A Mini-Review. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 11(5), pp.5020–5048. Available at:

PHYSICS & ELECTRONICS : Brustein, R. & Medved, A.J.M., 2014. Horizons of semiclassical black holes are cold. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2014(6), pp.1–28. Available at:

PHYSICS & ELECTRONICS : Chithambo, M.L. & Niyonzima, P., 2014. On isothermal heating as a method of separating closely collocated thermoluminescence peaks for kinetic analysis. Journal of Luminescence, 155, pp.70–78. Available at:

PHYSICS & ELECTRONICS : Chithambo, M.L., Seneza, C. & Ogundare, F.O., 2014. Kinetic analysis of high temperature secondary thermoluminescence glow peaks in α-Al2O3:C. Radiation Measurements, 66, pp.21–30. Available at:

PHYSICS & ELECTRONICS : Corstanje, A. et al., 2015. The shape of the radio wavefront of extensive air showers as measured with LOFAR. Astroparticle Physics, 61, pp.22–31. Available at:

PHYSICS & ELECTRONICS : Deane, R.P. et al., 2014. A close-pair binary in a distant triple supermassive black hole system. Nature, 511(7507), pp.57–60. Available at:

PHYSICS & ELECTRONICS : Masiteng, P.L. et al., 2014. Rotational bands and chirality in 194Tl. The European Physical Journal A, 50(7), pp.1–16. Available at:

PHYSICS & ELECTRONICS : Nsengiyumva, S. et al., 2014. Stress enhanced diffusion of krypton ions in polycrystalline titanium. Journal of Applied Physics, 116(2), p.023513. Available at:

PHYSICS & ELECTRONICS : Tasse, C., 2014. Non-linear Kalman filters for calibration in radio interferometry. arXiv:1403.6308 [astro-ph]. Available at:

STATISTICS : Adgaba, N. et al., 2014. Crematogaster chiarinii ants as a potential biological control agent for protecting honeybee colonies from attack by Dorylus quadratus driver ants in Ethiopia (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Agricultural and Forest Entomology, 16(3), pp.302–313. Available at:

STATISTICS : Raubenheimer, L. & Van Der Merwe, A.J., 2014. Estimation of binomial proportions from pooled samples using an objective prior. South African Statistical Journal, 48(1), pp.95–110.

STATISTICS : Raubenheimer, L. & van der Merwe, A. j., 2014. Bayesian Control Chart for Nonconformities. Quality and Reliability Engineering International, p.n/a–n/a. Available at:

ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY : Bergamino, L. et al., 0. Stable isotope evidence of food web connectivity by a top predatory fish (Argyrosomus japonicus: Sciaenidae: Teleostei) in the Kowie Estuary, South Africa. African Journal of Marine Science, 0(0), pp.1–7. Available at:

ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY : Collinson, W.J. et al., 2014. Wildlife road traffic accidents: a standardized protocol for counting flattened fauna. Ecology and Evolution, p.n/a–n/a. Available at:

ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY : Cunha, R.L. et al., 2014. Wider sampling reveals a non-sister relationship for geographically contiguous lineages of a marine mussel. Ecology and Evolution, 4(11), pp.2070–2081. Available at:

ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY : Dalu, T., Froneman, P.W. & Richoux, N.B., 0. Phytoplankton community diversity along a river-estuary continuum. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa, 0(0), pp.1–10. Available at:

ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY : Dalu, T., F., R.W., 2014. Colonisation and community structure of benthic diatoms on artificial substrates following a major flood event: A case of the Kowie River (Eastern Cape, South Africa). Water S.A, 40(3), pp.471–480.

ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY : Fullard, T. & Hill, M.P., 2013. Impact of insecticides on the reproductive potential of false codling moth, thaumatotibia leucotreta (Meyrick, 1913) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae). African Entomology, 21(2), pp.310–315.

ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY : Jungerstam, J. et al., 2014. Is habitat amount important for biodiversity in rocky shore systems? A study of South African mussel assemblages. Marine Biology, 161(7), pp.1507–1519. Available at:

ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY : Raja, S. et al., 2014. Interactions between pollinator and non-pollinator fig wasps: correlations between their numbers can be misleading. Entomological Science, p.n/a–n/a. Available at:

ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY : Strümpher, W.P. et al., 2014. Phylogeny of the family Trogidae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea) inferred from mitochondrial and nuclear ribosomal DNA sequence data. Systematic Entomology, 39(3), pp.548–562.

ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY : Weidberg, N. et al., 2014. Effect of nearshore surface slicks on meroplankton distribution: role of larval behaviour. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 506, pp.15–30. Available at:

ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY : Williams, K. & Villet, M., 2014. Morphological identification of Lucilia sericata, Lucilia cuprina and their hybrids (Diptera, Calliphoridae). ZooKeys, 420, pp.69–85. Available at:

ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY : Williams, K.A., Richards, C.S. & Villet, M.H., 2014. Predicting the geographic distribution of Lucilia sericata and Lucilia cuprina (Diptera: Calliphoridae) in South Africa. African Invertebrates, 55(1), pp.157–170. Available at:

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