Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Avoiding author ambiguity: 10 things you need to know about ORCID (and ResearcherID) right now

(IMPORTANT:  ResearcherID and ORCID are complementary attribution identifiers. They go hand-in-hand and it is essential that scholarly authors and researchers have both. ORCID is a platform-agnostic identifier, whereas the ResearcherID identifier is specific to Thomson Reuters - more about integration of ResearcherID and ORCID)

ORCID IDs are permanent identifiers for researchers. Community uptake has increased tenfold over the past year, and continues to be adopted by new institutions, funders, and journals on a daily basis.  

ORCID may prove to be one of the most important advances in scholarly communication in the past ten years.

Here are ten things you need to know about ORCID and its importance to you.

ORCIDs protects your unique scholarly identity
Creating an ORCID identifier takes 30 seconds
ORCID is getting big fast
ORCID lasts longer than your email address
ORCID supports 37 types of “works,” from articles to dance performances
You control who views your ORCID information
ORCID is glue for all your research services
Journals, funders & institutions are moving to ORCID
When everyone has an ORCID identifier, scholarship gets better
ORCID is open source, open data, and community-driven

Link to ORCID Link to ResearcherID

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