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BIOCHEMISTRY, MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY: Adeyemi,Oluyomi, Edkins, A. & Whiteley, C. 2013, "Metal nanoparticles caused death of metastatic MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells", Toxicology letters, vol. 221, pp. S243-S243
BIOCHEMISTRY, MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY: Bowker,M.L., Molwantwa, J.B., Gilfillan, J., Dorrington, R., Kirby, R. & Rose, P.D. 2013, "Development of a gradient tube method for examining microbial population structures in floating sulphur biofilms : technical note", Water SA, [Online], vol. 39, no. 4, pp. 523-528
BIOCHEMISTRY, MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY: Burt,F.J., Samudzi, R.R., Randall, C., Pieters, D., Vermeulen, J. & Knox, C.M. 2013, "Human defined antigenic region on the nucleoprotein of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus identified using truncated proteins and a bioinformatics approach", Journal of virological methods, vol. 193, no. 2, pp. 706-712  
BIOCHEMISTRY, MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY: Hatherley,R., Blatch, G.L. & Bishop, O. 2013, "Plasmodium falciparum Hsp70-x: a heat shock protein at the host-parasite interface", Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, , pp.
BIOCHEMISTRY, MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY: Kruid,Jan, Fogel, R. & Limson, J. "Voltammetric investigation of complex growth media at a bare glassy carbon electrode: A case study of oxytetracycline", Electrochimica Acta, , no. 0, pp.
BIOCHEMISTRY, MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY: Kumwenda,B., Litthauer, D., Bishop, Ö.T. & Reva, O. 2013, "Analysis of protein thermostability enhancing factors in industrially important Thermus bacteria species submit a paper", Evolutionary Bioinformatics, vol. 2013, no. 9, pp. 327-342
BIOCHEMISTRY, MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY: Kumwenda,Benjamin, Litthauer, D., Bishop, O.T. & Reva, O. 2013, "Analysis of Protein Thermostability Enhancing Factors in Industrially Important Thermus Bacteria Species", Evolutionary Bioinformatics, vol. 9, pp. 327-342
BIOCHEMISTRY, MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY: Padayachee,E.R. & Whiteley, C.G. 2013, "Etiology of Alzheimer's disease: Kinetic, thermodynamic and fluorimetric analyses of interactions of pseudo Aß-peptides with neuronal nitric oxide synthase", Neuropeptides, , pp.
BIOCHEMISTRY, MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY: Rose, P. 2013, "Long-term sustainability in the management of acid mine drainage wastewaters - Development of the Rhodes BioSURE Process", Water SA, vol. 39, no. 5, pp. 583-592.
BOTANY; ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY: Teske,P.R., Papadopoulos, I., Barker, N.P., Mcquaid, C.D. & Beheregaray, L.B. 2013, "Mitonuclear discordance in genetic structure across the Atlantic/Indian Ocean biogeographical transition zone", Journal of Biogeography, , pp.
BOTANY: Mckenzie, R.J. & Barker, N.P. 2013, "The identity of Damatris pudica and typification of Arctotis breviscapa (Asteraceae, Arctotideae)", Phytotaxa, vol. 121, no. 1, pp. 57-60
BOTANY: McKenzie, R.J. 2013, "(2179) Proposal to reject the name Antrospermum floribundum(Asteraceae: Arctotideae)", Taxon, vol. 62, no. 4, pp. 834-
BOTANY: Mckenzie, R.J. 2013, "Revised typification of the name venidium subacaule DC. (Asteraceae: Arctotideae)", Taxon, vol. 62, no. 4, pp. 819-820
CHEMISTRY ; BIOCHEMISTRY, MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY ; PHARMACY:  Kleyi, P., Walmsley, R.S., Gundhla, I.Z., Walmsley, T.A., Jauka, T.I., Dames, J., Walker, R.B., Torto, N. & Tshentu, Z.R. 2012, "Syntheses, Protonation Constants and Antimicrobial Activity of 2-Substituted N-alkylimidazole Derivatives", South African Journal of Chemistry-Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif Vir Chemie, vol. 65, pp. 231-238.
CHEMISTRY : Fashina, A., Antunes, E. & Nyokong, T. 2013, "Silica nanoparticles grafted with phthalocyanines: photophysical properties and studies in artificial lysosomal fluid", New Journal of Chemistry, vol. 37, no. 9, pp. 2800-2809
CHEMISTRY: Akinlua, A., Torto, N. & McCrindle, R.I. 2013, "A new approach to sample preparation for the determination of trace metals in petroleum source rocks", Analytical Methods, vol. 5, no. 18, pp. 4929-4934
CHEMISTRY: Antunes, E., Litwinski, C. & Nyokong, T. 2012, "Conjugates of Nanomaterials with Phthalocyanines" in Intelligent Nanomaterials: Processes, Properties, and Applications Wiley, , pp. 327-423
CHEMISTRY: Fashina, A., Antunes, E. & Nyokong, T. 2013, "Silica nanoparticles grafted with phthalocyanines: Photophysical properties and studies in artificial lysosomal fluid", New Journal of Chemistry, vol. 37, no. 9, pp. 2800-2809
CHEMISTRY: Masilela, N., Antunes, E. & Nyokong, T. 2013, "Axial coordination of zinc and silicon phthalocyanines to silver and gold nanoparticles: an investigation of their photophysicochemical and antimicrobial behavior", Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines, vol. 17, no. 6-7, pp. 417-430
CHEMISTRY: Mphahlele, N.E., Le Roux, L., Jafta, C.J., Cele, L., Mathe, M.K., Nyokong, T., Kobayashi, N. & Ozoemena, K.I. 2013, "Carbon nanotube-enhanced photoelectrochemical properties of metallo-octacarboxyphthalocyanines", Journal of Materials Science, , pp. 1-7
CHEMISTRY: Ogbodu, R.O., Antunes, E. & Nyokong, T. 2013, "Physicochemical properties of a zinc phthalocyanine-pyrene conjugate adsorbed onto single walled carbon nanotubes", Dalton Transactions, vol. 42, no. 30, pp. 10769-10777
CHEMISTRY: Ogunlaja, A.S., Khene, S., Antunes, E., Nyokong, T., Torto, N. & Tshentu, Z.R. 2013, "The development of catalytic oxovanadium(IV)-containing microspheres for the oxidation of various organosulfur compounds", Applied Catalysis A-General, vol. 462, pp. 157-167.
CHEMISTRY: Okujima, T., Ando, C., Mack, J., Mori, S., Hisaki, I., Nakae, T., Yamada, H., Ohara, K., Kobayashi, N. & Uno, H. 2013, "Acenaphthylene-Fused Cyclo[8]pyrroles with Intense Near-IR-Region Absorption Bands", Chemistry - A European Journal, , pp.
CHEMISTRY: Possi-Pezzali, T., Chigome, S., Rodriguez-Haralambides, A. & Torto, N. 2013, "Evaluation of electrospun fibers as solid phase extraction sorbents for sample preparation in HPLC-MS/MS confirmatory doping control analysis of dexamethasone and betamethasone", Analytical Methods, vol. 5, no. 16, pp. 4230-4237
CHEMISTRY: Walmsley, R.S., Litwinski, C., Antunes, E., Hlangothi, P., Hosten, E., McCleland, C., Nyokong, T., Torto, N. & Tshentu, Z.R. 2013, "Oxovanadium(IV)-containing poly(styrene-co-4'-ethenyl-2-hydroxyphenylimidazole) electrospun nanofibers for the catalytic oxidation of thioanisole", Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, vol. 379, pp. 94-102
COMPUTER SCIENCE: Irwin, B. 2013, "A baseline study of potentially malicious activity across fivenetwork telescopes",Cyber Conflict (CyCon), 2013 5th International Conference on, p 1-17
COMPUTER SCIENCE: Sahd, C. & Thinyane, H. 2012, "Bluetooth proxying and communication with 802.11 wireless -An android solution to an african problem", MESH 2012 - 5th International Conference on Advances in Mesh Networks, pp. 12.
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: Blore, M.L., Cundill, G. & Mkhulisi, M. 2013, "Towards measuring the transaction costs of co-management in Mkambati Nature Reserve, Eastern Cape, South Africa", Journal of environmental management, vol. 129, no. 0, pp. 444-455
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: Mcconnachie, M.M., Cowling, R.M., Shackleton, C.M. & Knight, A.T. 2013, "The challenges of alleviating poverty through ecological restoration: Insights from South Africa's "working for water" program", Restoration Ecology, vol. 21, no. 5, pp. 544-550
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: O'Donoghue, A. & Shackleton, C.M. 2013, "Current and potential carbon stocks of trees in urban parking lots in towns of the Eastern Cape, South Africa", Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, , pp.
GEOGRAPHY : Rowntree, K.M. 2013, The evil of sluits: A re-assessment of soil erosion in the Karoo of South Africa as portrayed in century-old sources", Journal of environmental management, vol. 130, no. 0, pp. 98-105
GEOGRAPHY: Collins, A.L., Foster, I., Zhang, Y., Gooday, R., Lee, D., Sear, D., Naden, P. & Jones, I. 2012, "Assessing "modern background sediment delivery to rivers" across England and Wales and its use for catchment management", IAHS-AISH Publication, pp. 125.
GEOGRAPHY: Rowntree, K., Mzobe, P. & Van Der Waal, B. 2012, "Sediment source tracing in the Thina catchment, Eastern Cape, South Africa", IAHS-AISH Publication, pp. 404.
GEOGRAPHY: Van Der Waal, B. & Rowntree, K. 2012, "A geomorphological response model for predicting sediment-related habitat change in ephemeral rivers", IAHS-AISH Publication, pp. 276.
GEOLOGY: Büttner, S.H., Sherlock, S., Fryer, L., Lodge, J., Diale, T., Kazondunge, R. & Macey, P. 2013, "Controls of host rock mineralogy and H2O content on the nature of pseudotachylyte melts: Evidence from Pan-African faulting in the foreland of the Gariep Belt, South Africa", Tectonophysics, , pp.
GEOLOGY: Munteanu, M., Yao, Y., Wilson, A.H., Chunnett, G., Luo, Y., He, H., Cioacă, M. & Wen, M. "Panxi region (South-West China): Tectonics, magmatism and metallogenesis. A review", Tectonophysics, , no. 0, pp.
GEOLOGY: Tzortzaki, E., Karakitsios, V. & Tsikos, H. "Biomarker evidence for intermittent photic zone euxinia in the Aptian-Albian organic sedimentary record from the Ionian Zone (Epirus, Greece)", Organic Geochemistry, , no. 0, pp..
ICHTHYOLOGY & FISHERIES SCIENCE: Filmalter, J.D., Capello, M., Deneubourg, J., Cowley, P.D. & Dagorn, L. 2013, "Looking behind the curtain: quantifying massive shark mortality in fish aggregating devices", Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, vol. 11, no. 6, pp. 291-296
ICHTHYOLOGY & FISHERIES SCIENCE: Filmalter, J.D., Dagorn, L. & Cowley, P.D. 2013, "Spatial behaviour and site fidelity of the sicklefin lemon shark Negaprion acutidens in a remote Indian Ocean atoll", Marine Biology, vol. 160, no. 9, pp. 2425-2436.
INSTITUTE FOR WATER RESEARCH: Hughes, D.A. 2013, "A review of 40 years of hydrological science and practice in Southern Africa using the Pitman rainfall-runoff model", Journal of Hydrology, vol. 501, pp. 111-124
INSTITUTE FOR WATER RESEARCH: Palmer, C.G. 2013, "Editorial", Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Water Management, vol. 166, no. 7, pp. 355-356
PHARMACY: Parrish, A. & Blockman, M. 2013, "Starch safety in resuscitation - when will we ever learn? : forum - clinical practice", South African Medical Journal, vol. 103, no. 9, pp. 593-595
PHYSICS & ELECTRONICS: Brustein, R. & Medved, A.J.M. 2013, "Lovelock gravity is equivalent to Einstein gravity coupled to form fields", Physical Review D, vol. 88, no. 6, pp. 064010
PHYSICS & ELECTRONICS: Brustein, R. & Medved, A.J.M. 2013, "Restoring predictability in semiclassical gravitational collapse", Journal of High Energy Physics, vol. 2013, no. 9, pp. 5.
PHYSICS & ELECTRONICS: Ogundare, F.O., Ogundele, S.A., Chithambo, M.L. & Fasasi, M.K. 2013, "Corrigendum to "Thermoluminescence characteristics of the main glow peak in a-Al2O3:C exposed to low environmental-like radiation doses" [J. Lumin. 139 (2013) 143-146] Journal of Luminescence, , pp.
ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY : Villet,M.H. 2013, "On the Trail of Mountain Cicadas, M. Gogala : book review", African Entomology, [Online], vol. 21, no. 2, pp. 389.
ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY: Cristescu ,B., Bernard, R.T.F. & Krause, J. 2013, "Partitioning of space, habitat, and timing of activity by large felids in an enclosed South African system", Journal of Ethology, vol. 31, no. 3, pp. 285-298
ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY: Hepburn, H.R., Duangphakdee, O. & Pirk, C.W.W. 2013, "Physical properties of honeybee silk: a review", Apidologie, vol. 44, no. 5, pp. 600-610
ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY: Ordóñez, V., Rius, M., McQuaid, C.D., Pineda, M.C., Pascual, M. & Turon, X. 2013, "Early biotic interactions among introduced and native benthic species reveal cryptic predation and shifts in larval behaviour", Marine Ecology Progress Series, vol. 488, pp. 65-79
ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY: Ridgeway, J.A., Midgley, J.M., Collett, I.J. & Villet, M.H. 2013, "Advantages of using development models of the carrion beetles Thanatophilus micans (Fabricius) and T. mutilatus (Castelneau) (Coleoptera: Silphidae) for estimating minimum post mortem intervals, verified with case data", International journal of legal medicine, , pp. 1-14.
ZOOLOGY & ENTOMOLOGY: Rius, M., Clusella-Trullas, S., Mcquaid, C.D., Navarro, R.A., Griffiths, C.L., Matthee, C.A., von der Heyden, S. & Turon, X. 2013, "Range expansions across ecoregions: Interactions of climate change, physiology and genetic diversity", Global Ecology and Biogeography, , pp.

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