Monday, August 26, 2013

Free access to research articles - the state of Open Access

Half of 2011 papers now free to read  (from Nature-News 20 Aug 2013) (thanks to Prof Roy Jobson for alerting me to this article)
"Search the Internet for any research article published in 2011, and you have a 50–50 chance of downloading it for free. This claim — made in a report1 produced for the European Commission — suggests that many more research papers are openly available online than was previously thought. The finding, released on 21 August, is heartening news for advocates of open access. But some experts are raising their eyebrows at the high numbers...."

Alexander Grossmann on the state of Open Access: Where are we, what still needs to be done?
One of a series exploring the current state of Open Access (OA), [this Q&A] is with Alexander Grossmann. Earlier this year Grossmann took up a post as Professor of Publishing Management at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences. To do so he gave up a job as Vice President at the scholarly publisher De Gruyter, returning to research after ten years in the publishing industry. In that time he also served as Managing Director at Springer-Verlag GmbH in Vienna and as Director of physics publishing at Wiley. Prior to his stint in publishing, Grossmann held posts as a researcher and lecturer at the Jülich Research Centre, the Max Planck Institute in Munich, and the University of Tübingen
"What is required today, he says, is for “one or a few key scholarly institutions to make a significant change in how their libraries acquire and fund their research content.”.”
Peter Suber on the state of Open Access: Where are we, what still needs to be done? 
"Philosopher, jurist, and one-time stand-up comic, Peter Suber was one of the small group of people invited by the Soros Foundation to the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) meeting held in Hungary in 2001. It was in Budapest that the term Open Access was chosen, and a definition of OA agreed.And it was Suber who drafted that definition, doing so with words that still stir, inspire, and motivate OA advocates everywhere..."

?????s answered:  major achievements of the OA movement; main disappointments? respective roles of Green and Gold OA today?; What about Hybrid OA?; current state of OA; What still needs to be done, and by whom?; single most important task that the OA movement should focus on today? ; What does OA have to offer the developing world?; expectations for OA in 2013?; Will OA in your view be any less expensive than subscription publishing?

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