Wednesday, March 20, 2013

E-books available to Rhodes users

The Rhodes Library has purchased access to several thousand e-books.  Most of these are registered on the Library catalogue but are also accessible via other avenues.

links to the various platforms which the Library uses for access to e-books.
The initial link, (E-BOOKS IN THE RHODES LIBRARY CATALOGUE) takes you to the Library's    catalogue records for our e-books (over 7500) where you may browse titles and link to the e-books. 
If you wish to limit the list by adding keywords please use the Modify Search option on the Catalogue and add these to the search box provided.

The second link, EXPLORE RHODES LIBRARY'S E-BOOKS allows one to search by author/title/words in title and to limit to a specific publisher.

The link to Oxford Scholarship Online will lead you to several thousand OUP-published e-books. Rhodes subscribes to 14 subject areas: Biology, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Business and Management,  Music,  Physics,  Classical Studies,  Linguistics, Political Science,  Economics and Finance, Literature, Psychology & Sociology. These are searchably by title or full-text and have URL links at chapter level which you may find useful to include on your RUconnected courses or websites, etc.

The Elsevier link leads to several encyclopedias - please encourage students to make use of these.

Please explore what is on offer - your comments/suggestions are welcomed.  Please also consider if the ebook format is preferable when you next order books for your Department.

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