Monday, February 18, 2013

Rhodes researchers in PLoS

The PLOS story began in 2000 when its founders set out to tackle the lack of access to the majority of scientific research, which was then published behind pay walls. They startled the American academic science establishment with a petition calling for open access to research findings. Two years later, the team established a new entity called the non-profit Public Library of Science, now known as PLOS, an open access model, and launched its first journal, PLOS Biology. This was followed over the next decade by six other science periodicals that are among the most widely read around the globe.

 Rhodes authors* boast  a total of 12 articles in PLoS - with an h-index (excluding self-citations) of 3.

An interesting tool on PLoS (also available in the journal Nature) is the Article Metrics option which tracks downloads, additions to Mendeley, Cite-u-like, mentions in blogs, etc. 
For example, one of the Rhodes' articles (Hepburn & Radloff) has been viewed (as of today's date) 4744 times with 1081 pdf downloads resulting - fairly impressive! Total number of pdf downloads across the remaining 11 Rhodes' articles is around 1200.

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