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January 2013 Rhodes publications

As per alerts received from ScienceDirect, Scopus and ISI Web of Science during January 2013.  This list is therefore not exhaustive. 

ADETUNJI, J., EVERITT, S. and ROLLINSON, H., New Mössbauer measurements of Fe3+/ΣFe ratios in chromites from the early Proterozoic Bushveld Complex, South Africa. Precambrian Research, (0),.

ANTONIO, E.S., KASAI, A., UENO, M., ISHIHI, Y., YOKOYAMA, H. and YAMASHITA, Y., 2012. Spatial-temporal feeding dynamics of benthic communities in an estuary-marine gradient. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, 112, pp. 86-97.

ANTUNES, E., RAPULENYANE, N., LEDWABA, M., LITWINSKI, C., CHIDAWANYIKA, W. and NYOKONG, T., The synthesis and characterisation of magnetic nanoparticles and their interaction with a zinc phthalocyanine. Inorganic Chemistry Communications, (0),.

BARNES, R.S.K., 2013. Distribution patterns of macrobenthic biodiversity in the intertidal seagrass beds of an estuarine system, and their conservation significance. Biodiversity and Conservation, 22(2), pp. 357-372.

BARNES, R.S.K. and ELLWOOD, M.D.F., 2012. Spatial variation in the macrobenthic assemblages of intertidal seagrass along the long axis of an estuary. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, 112, pp. 173-182.

BERNARD, A.T.F. and GÖTZ, A., 2012. Bait increases the precision in count data from remote underwater video for most subtidal reef fish in the warm-temperate Agulhas bioregion. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 471, pp. 235-252.

BONNEVIE, B.T., CONNAN, M. and MCQUAID, C.D., 2012. Effects of re-breeding rates on population size estimation of biennial breeders: results from a model based on albatrosses. Ibis, 154(3), pp. 499-507.

BRUNETON, J. and LARENA, J., 2013. Observables in a lattice Universe: the cosmological fitting problem. Classical and Quantum Gravity, 30(2), pp. 025002.

BRUSTEIN, R. and MEDVED, A.J.M., 2013. Graviton multipoint functions at the AdS boundary. Physical Review D, 87(2), pp. 024005.

BULCAO, C. and HODGSON, A.N., 2012. Activity and feeding of Dotilla fenestrata (Brachyura: Ocypodidae) in a warm, temperate South African estuary. African Journal of Aquatic Science, 37(3), pp. 333-338.

CAMERA, S., SANTOS, M.G., BACON, D.J., JARVIS, M.J., MCALPINE, K., NORRIS, R.P., RACCANELLI, A. and RÖTTGERING, H., 2012. Impact of redshift information on cosmological applications with next-generation radio surveys. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 427(3), pp. 2079-2088.

CAO, L., ZHENG, H., HU, F. and HEPBURN, H.R., 2012. Genetic structure of Chinese Apis dorsata population based on microsatellites. Apidologie, 43(6), pp. 643-651.

CHAKONA, A. and SWARTZ, E.R., 2012. Contrasting habitat associations of imperilled endemic stream fishes from a global biodiversity hot spot. Bmc Ecology, 12, pp. 19.

COATES, M. and NYOKONG, T., 2012. Electrode modification using iron metallophthalocyanine through click chemistry and axial ligation with pyridine. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 687, pp. 111-116.

COATES, M. and NYOKONG, T., Characterization of glassy carbon electrodes modified with carbon nanotubes and iron phthalocyanine through grafting and click chemistry. Electrochimica Acta, (0),.

COLE, V.J., JOHNSON, L.G. and MCQUAID, C.D., 2012. Effects of Patch-Size on Populations of Intertidal Limpets, Siphonaria spp., in a Linear Landscape. Plos One, 7(12), pp. e52076.

DEPONTE, M., HOPPE, H.C., LEE, M.C.S., MAIER, A.G., RICHARD, D., RUG, M., SPIELMANN, T. and PRZYBORSKI, J.M., 2012. Wherever I may roam: Protein and membrane trafficking in P. falciparum-infected red blood cells. Molecular and biochemical parasitology, 186(2), pp. 95-116.

FOSTER, I.D.L., ROWNTREE, K.M., BOARDMAN, J. and MIGHALL, T.M., 2012. Changing Sediment Yield and Sediment Dynamics in the Karoo Uplands, South Africa; Post-European Impacts. Land Degradation & Development, 23(6), pp. 508-522.

FOSTER, I.D.L. and ROWNTREE, K.M., 2012. Sediment yield changes in the semi-arid Karoo: a palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of sediments accumulating in Cranemere Reservoir, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Zeitschrift Fur Geomorphologie, 56, pp. 131-146.

GANINO, C., HARRIS, C., ARNDT, N.T., PREVEC, S.A. and HOWARTH, G.H., Assimilation of carbonate country rock by the parent magma of the Panzhihua Fe-Ti-V deposit (SW China): evidence from stable isotopes. Geoscience Frontiers, (0),.

HOLLER, C.M., TAYLOR, A.C., JONES, M.E., KING, O.G., MUCHOVEJ, S.J.C., STEVENSON, M.A., WYLDE, R.J., COPLEY, C.J., DAVIS, R.J., PEARSON, T.J. and READHEAD, A.C.S., 2013. A circularly symmetric antenna design with high polarization purity and low spillover. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 61(1), pp. 117-124.

JACKSON, J.M., RAINVILLE, L., ROBERTS, M.J., MCQUAID, C.D. and LUTJEHARMS, J.R.E., 2012. Mesoscale bio-physical interactions between the Agulhas Current and the Agulhas Bank, South Africa. Continental Shelf Research, 49, pp. 10-24.

K. WANG, D., QI, D. and MACK, J., 2012. Fusing Phthalocyanine and Porphyrin together: Unprecedented Co-planar Ring-Fused Diazaphthalocyaninato-porphyrin Dimers. Chinese Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 28 (Sept.), pp. 1779-1789.

KADYE, W.T. and CHAKONA, A., 2012. Spatial and temporal variation of fish assemblage in two intermittent streams in north-western Zimbabwe. African Journal of Ecology, 50(4), pp. 428-438.

KON-NO, M., MACK, J., KOBAYASHI, N., SUENAGA, M., YOZA, K. and SHINMYOZU, T., 2012. Synthesis, Optical Properties, and Electronic Structures of Fully Core-Modified Porphyrin Dications and Isophlorins. Chemistry-a European Journal, 18(42), pp. 13361-13371.

LUYT, C.D., TANDLICH, R., MULLER, W.J. and WILHELMI, B.S., 2012. Microbial Monitoring of Surface Water in South Africa: An Overview. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 9(8), pp. 2669-2693.

L'VOV, B.V. and GALWEY, A.K., 2013. Catalytic oxidation of CO on platinum: Thermochemical approach. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 111(1), pp. 145-154.

MACK, J., KOBAYASHI, N. and SHEN, Z., 2012. The Effect of Structural Modifications on the Properties of Porphyrinoids. In: K. KADISH , K. SMITH and R. GUILARD, eds, Handbook of Porphyrin Science. Singapore: World Scientific, pp. 281-371.

MACK, J., MORITA, Y., HIGASHIBAYASHI, S., SAKURAI, H. and KOBAYASHI, N., 2013. Magnetic Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy and Electronic Structures of C3 Symmetry Buckybowls. Chemical Physics Letters, 556, pp. 188-194.

MACK, J., SOSA-VARGAS, L., COLES, S.J., TIZZARD, G.J., CHAMBRIER, I., CAMMIDGE, A.N., COOK, M.J. and KOBAYASHI, N., 2012. Synthesis, Characterization, MCD Spectroscopy, and TD-DFT Calculations of Copper-Metalated Nonperipherally Substituted Octaoctyl Derivatives of Tetrabenzotriazaporphyrin, cis- and trans-Tetrabenzodiazaporphyrin, Tetrabenzomonoazaporphyrin, and Tetrabenzoporphyrin. Inorganic chemistry, 51(23), pp. 12820-12833.

MANJORO, M., ROWNTREE, K., KAKEMBO, V. and FOSTER, I.D.L., 2012. Gully Fan Morphodynamics in a Small Catchment in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Land Degradation & Development, 23(6), pp. 569-576.

MARINHO, M.A.T., JUNQUEIRA, A.C.M., PAULO, D.F., ESPOSITO, M.C., VILLET, M.H. and AZEREDO-ESPIN, A.M.L., 2012. Molecular phylogenetics of Oestroidea (Diptera: Calyptratae) with emphasis on Calliphoridae: Insights into the inter-familial relationships and additional evidence for paraphyly among blowflies. Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 65(3), pp. 840-854.

MCKENZIE, R.J., 2012. (2108) Proposal to conserve the name Venidium hirsutum (Arctotis hirsuta) against V. subacaule (A. subacaulis) and Antrospermum kraussii (V. kraussii) (Asteraceae, Arctotideae). Taxon, 61(6), pp. 1327-1329.

MENSAH, P.K., OKUTHE, G.E. and ONANI, M., 2012. Sublethal effects of carbaryl on embryonic and gonadal developments of zebrafish Danio rerio. African Journal of Aquatic Science, 37(3), pp. 271-275.

MIGHALL, T.M., FOSTER, I.D.L., ROWNTREE, K.M. and BOARDMAN, J., 2012. Reconstructing Recent Land Degradation in the Semi-Arid Karoo of South Africa: a Palaeoecological Study at Compassberg, Eastern Cape. Land Degradation & Development, 23(6), pp. 523-533.

OKEWOLE, A.I., WALMSLEY, R.S., VALTANCOLI, B., BIANCHI, A. and TSHENTU, Z.R., 2013. Separation of Copper(II) from Base Metals in an Acidic Synthetic Sulfate Leach Solution Using a Novel 1-Octylimidazole-2-Aldoxime Extractant. Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange, 31(1), pp. 61-78.

OLOMOLA, T.O., KLEIN, R., MAUTSA, N., SAYED, Y. and KAYE, P.T., Synthesis and Evaluation of Coumarin Derivatives as Potential Dual-action HIV-1 Protease and Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors. Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry, (0),.

OPOKU-DEBRAH, J.K., HILL, M.P., KNOX, C. and MOORE, S.D., 2013. Overcrowding of false codling moth, Thaumatotibia leucotreta (Meyrick) leads to the isolation of five new Cryptophlebia leucotreta granulovirus (CrleGV-SA) isolates. Journal of invertebrate pathology, 112(3), pp. 219-228.

OROZCO, J. and PHILIPS, T.K., 2012. Pachnoda marginata (Drury) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae) developing in Bat Guano in a West African Cave. Coleopterists Bulletin, 66(4), pp. 378-379.

PATIL, S.A., CHIGOME, S., HÄGERHÄLL, C., TORTO, N. and GORTON, L., Electrospun carbon nanofibers from polyacrylonitrile blended with activated or graphitized carbonaceous materials for improving anodic bioelectrocatalysis. Bioresource technology, (0),.

PEREIRA-DA-CONCEICOA, L.L., PRICE, B.W., BARBER-JAMES, H.M., BARKER, N.P., DE MOOR, F.C. and VILLET, M.H., 2012. Cryptic variation in an ecological indicator organism: mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequence data confirm distinct lineages of Baetis harrisoni Barnard (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae) in southern Africa. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 12, pp. 26.

PHIRI, C., CHAKONA, A. and DAY, J.A., 2012. Body-size distribution, biomass estimates and life histories of common insect taxa associated with a submerged macrophyte Lagarosiphon ilicifolius in the Sanyati Basin, Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe. African Journal of Aquatic Science, 37(3), pp. 289-299.

PHIRI, C., CHAKONA, A. and DAY, J.A., 2012. Macroinvertebrates associated with two submerged macrophytes, Lagarosiphon ilicifolius and Vallisneria aethiopica, in the Sanyati Basin, Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe: Effect of plant morphological complexity. African Journal of Aquatic Science, 37(3), pp. 277-288.

PHYU, Y.L., PALMER, C.G., WARNE, M.S.J., DOWSE, R., MUELLER, S., CHAPMAN, J., HOSE, G.C. and LIM, R.P., 2012. Assessing the Chronic Toxicity of Atrazine, Permethrin, and Chlorothalonil to the Cladoceran Ceriodaphnia cf. dubia in Laboratory and Natural River Water. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, , pp. 1-8.

PLÖN, S., ALBRECHT, K.H., CLIFF, G. and FRONEMAN, P.W., 2012. Organ weights of three dolphin species (Sousa chinensis, Tursiops aduncus and Delphinus capensis) from South Africa: Implications for ecological adaptation? Journal of Cetacean Research and Management, 12(1), pp. 265-276.

RAPULENYANE, N., ANTUNES, E., MASILELA, N. and NYOKONG, T., 2012. Synthesis and photophysicochemical properties of novel zinc phthalocyanines mono substituted with carboxyl containing functional groups. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A-Chemistry, 250, pp. 18-24.

RAY, P. and HILL, M.P., 2012. Fungi associated with Eichhornia crassipes in South Africa and their pathogenicity under controlled conditions. African Journal of Aquatic Science, 37(3), pp. 323-331.

ROWNTREE, K.M., MEIKLEJOHN, K.I. and FOSTER, I.D.L., 2012. Special Issue on 'Landscape Denudation Or Land Degradation? Interrogating the Geomorphic Processes of Landscape Change in Southern Africa'. Land Degradation & Development, 23(6), pp. 505-507.

SAMANT, B.S. and CHAKAINGESU, C., 2013. Novel naphthoquinone derivatives: Synthesis and activity against human African trypanosomiasis. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, .

SEKHOSANA, K.E., ANTUNES, E., KHENE, S., D'SOUZA, S. and NYOKONG, T., 2013. Fluorescence behavior of glutathione capped CdTe@ZnS quantum dots chemically coordinated to zinc octacarboxy phthalocyanines. Journal of Luminescence, 136, pp. 255-264.

SPIES, L., KOEKEMOER, T.C., SOWEMIMO, A.A., GOOSEN, E.D. and VAN DE VENTER, M., 2012. Caspase-dependent apoptosis is induced by Artemisia afra Jacq. ex Willd in a mitochondria-dependent manner after G2/M arrest. South African Journal of Botany, 84, pp. 104-109.

SUNASSEE, S.N., VEALE, C.G.L., SHUNMOOGAM-GOUNDEN, N., OSONIYI, O., HENDRICKS, D.T., CAIRA, M.R., DE LA MARE, J.-., EDKINS, A.L., PINTO, A.V., DA SILVA JÚNIOR, E.N. and DAVIES-COLEMAN, M.T., 2013. Cytotoxicity of lapachol, β-lapachone and related synthetic 1,4-naphthoquinones against oesophageal cancer cells. European journal of medicinal chemistry, 62, pp. 98-110.

TAN, K., YANG, S., WANG, Z., RADLOFF, S.E. and OLDROYD, B.P., 2012. Differences in foraging and broodnest temperature in the honey bees Apis cerana and A-mellifera. Apidologie, 43(6), pp. 618-623.

TAYLOR, G.C. and WEYL, O.L.F., 2013. Validation of annulus formation in otoliths of largemouth bass Micropterus salmoides outside their native range. Journal of Applied Ichthyology, .

UWAMAHORO, J. and MCKINNELL, L.-., 2013. Solar and interplanetary precursors of geomagnetic storms in solar cycle 23. Advances in Space Research, 51(3), pp. 395-410.

VAN DER WAAL, B.W., ROWNTREE, K.M. and RADLOFF, S.E., 2012. The Effect of Acacia Mearnsii Invasion and Clearing on Soil Loss in the Kouga Mountains, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Land Degradation & Development, 23(6), pp. 577-585.

VAN DYK, J.S. and PLETSCHKE, B.I., 2012. A review of lignocellulose bioconversion using enzymatic hydrolysis and synergistic cooperation between enzymes-Factors affecting enzymes, conversion and synergy. Biotechnology Advances, 30(6), pp. 1458-1480.

VENTER, N., HILL, M.P., HUTCHINSON, S.-. and RIPLEY, B.S., 2013. Weevil borne microbes contribute as much to the reduction of photosynthesis in water hyacinth as does herbivory. Biological Control, 64(2), pp. 138-142.

VETTER, S., 2013. Development and sustainable management of rangeland commons - aligning policy with the realities of South Africa's rural landscape. African Journal of Range and Forage Science, .

WALMSLEY, R.S., HLANGOTHI, P., LITWINSKI, C., NYOKONG, T., TORTO, N. and TSHENTU, Z.R., 2013. Catalytic oxidation of thioanisole using oxovanadium(IV)-functionalized electrospun polybenzimidazole nanofibers. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 127(6), pp. 4719-4725.

WANG, K., WANG, H. and MACK, J., 2012. Chiral Phthalocyanine with Unambiguous Absolute Molecular Structures for Both Enantiomers. Acta Chim. Sinica, 70(17), pp. 1791-1797.

WASSERMAN, R.J., PEREIRA-DA-CONCEICOA, L.L., STRYDOM, N.A. and WEYL, O.L.F., 2012. Diet of Anguilla mossambica (Teleostei, Anguillidae) elvers in the Sundays River, Eastern Cape, South Africa. African Journal of Aquatic Science, 37(3), pp. 347-349.

WIETERS, E.A., MCQUAID, C., PALOMO, G., PAPPALARDO, P. and NAVARRETE, S.A., 2012. Biogeographical Boundaries, Functional Group Structure and Diversity of Rocky Shore Communities along the Argentinean Coast. Plos One, 7(11), pp. e49725.

WILLMER, T., CONTU, L., BLATCH, G.L. and EDKINS, A.L., 2013. Knockdown of Hop downregulates RhoC expression, and decreases pseudopodia formation and migration in cancer cell lines. Cancer letters, 328(2), pp. 252-260.

XU, H., MACK, J., WU, D., XUE, Z., DESCALZO, A.B., RURACK, K., KOBAYASHI, N. and SHEN, Z., 2012. Synthesis and Properties of Fused-Ring-Expanded Porphyrins that were Core-Modified with Group 16 Heteroatoms. Chemistry-a European Journal, 18(52), pp. 16844-16867.

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